The final message at the end of a survey will indicate if you have completed the survey or were disqualified from the survey. 

Upon the full completion of a survey, the researcher will finalize the survey with a Thank you for completion message. There are a number of variations for the completion message but will typically follow a similar message of “Thank you for completing the survey” or “Your answers have been successfully submitted”.

Surveys are credited within 30 minutes. For some surveys, there may be a delay as the survey submission may require manual human review. This may take 24 hours to 30 days. The final determination for the survey being credited is by the survey partner. You can see your credited points here: Offers_Completed.

Here are a few examples of a completion message: 


Disqualification messages appear when the researcher determines that you are not qualified for the survey. They may also appear if the researcher has reached their maximum quota for survey submissions they can accept on their study. Unfortunately, survey providers and researchers are unable to credit for a disqualification. 

Here are a few examples of a disqualification message: 


When completing a survey, it is always best to follow good survey-taking practices. Following best practices will qualify you for more surveys. Please see our Do's and Don'ts guide on best survey-taking behavior.