Quality Score 101

Your quality score determines what surveys are available for you. If your quality score decreases, you will see a limited amount or no surveys that are available for you to take. In addition, it is much harder to raise your quality score once your score has dropped. If your score has dropped below 100, you can click on your quality score to see when deductions will expire. You can then check back after the expiration date to be able to take surveys again.

Researchers want to make sure you’re paying attention! Your quality score decreases once you fail an attention check question. 

Attention check questions vary. By making sure you are paying attention and submit the appropriate response, you will continue to receive lots of surveys and get credited for them! Here are the common steps to follow to make sure you are answering a survey correctly within guidelines.

1. Rare or Unbelievable Events 

Survey providers may ask you a question with a list of answer choices that represent activities that are impossible to complete. This could be about an occupation, choice of food, or even a hobby. If you are going too fast and not reading the choices, you could be selecting an impossible answer. As long as you are paying attention while completing a survey, this should not be an issue.

2. Bad Open-Ended Response

Your responses for open-ended question DO matter! If you are submitting a gibberish or non related response, this will cause you to not be credited. Saving a few seconds will cause you to lose points for the survey or even be blocked from taking future surveys. Make sure your response actually answers the specific question.

3. Conflicting Answers Given 

There are variations of this type of question. If you are answering honestly about your thoughts, then you should rarely have conflicting answers! You will be asked a question regarding your preferences. However, in your next response or in a later question, you selected an answer that contradicts your original opinion.

You may also see a grid question where you select two answers that are opposites. For example, you may see the two responses “I hate going to the movies” in addition to “I enjoy going to the movies” right next to each other.

4. Speeder Check 

Make sure you take your time on surveys! Researchers will set a minimum length of time that they believe a person would need to go through the survey accurately. If you complete the survey faster than that time limit, they may exclude your response and flag you as a speeder.

5. Instructions to Choose a Specific Answer

In order to make sure you are paying attention, the researcher may instruct you to select a specific choice. You may see this in a grid type question that asks you to select one of the responses or on a multiple choice question.

By paying attention and answering surveys correctly, your quality score will only continue to increase. It ensures that you will be credited for completing a survey as you were paying attention throughout taking the survey. For the survey provider, it allows them to open up more surveys for you to take. 

6. You must only complete 1 survey at a time

Please only complete one survey at a time, any attempts to complete multiple surveys at the same time can result in a quality score decrease.

Let’s get started on your next survey!