Some reasons may be:


A) The offer crediting may be delayed and you can check back in 24 hours.

B) You have completed this offer in the past, perhaps on another website.

C) You did not complete the offer fully and exited the website prematurely.

D) You did not follow the offer description/instructions.

E) You have adblock software on your browser

F) Your browser is set to not accept cookies or is blocking cookies.

G) You are using firefox private browsing or Chrome incognito mode

H) Your offerwall credited points may be pending for 30 days for some higher point offers, you can see pending offers

 Until the advertiser has informed us that you have completed the offer, unfortunately we cannot credit you as that means the advertiser has not paid us for your offer  completion.

If you do not see the points as pending on, please click on the offerwall and find the support link in that offer wall and you can ask them about the offer status. Thank you for your patience