Let's make sure you're properly credited for each video completion!

Here's your to do list:

1. The Chrome browser is the best browser to use with video players.

2. Make sure that ads are showing before each video as crediting is based off ads shown.

3. If you aren't seeing any ads, try switching to a different channel topic.

4. Only have ads running at max 3 devices per household at a time.

5. Maximize your screensize and make sure your internal volume settings are turned up. 

6. Double check that you have allowed Flash on the video player page.

Here are the do not's and reasons why you may not be credited:

1. Don't abuse the option to skip the videos. Video ads are meant to be used like television. Skip the few content you don't like but don't go beyond that.

2.  Proxy or VPN use is not permitted.

3. Using an Adblocker or Auto-refresher will cause issues with crediting.

4. Using a bot/script will cause the advertiser to block you permanently.

5. Do not watch on more than one screen per device.

You're all ready to earn! Get started on watching new videos.