In order to receive PayPal payments:

1. Please make sure that you have set up your PayPal email in the "Paypal, ACH & Bitcoins" section in your account info. This email MUST match the email on your PayPal account.

2. Please also check that ensure there are no restrictions on your PayPal account and that you are able to receive payments.


If your PayPal has been "Processed", that means that the payment was successful - in this case please check your PayPal account for your payment.

If your PayPal has been "Denied by Paypal," that means that the payment was NOT successful. Unfortunately, PayPal does not let us know the reasons for a denied payment. Please check your PayPal account and contact PayPal support to see why your payment was denied. 

If your PayPal payment is "Processing," the reasons may be:

1. There is a delay between the time we submit the payment information to PayPal and when PayPal finalizes the payment.

2. There are issues with your PayPal account and it was unable to accept payment.

3. The PayPal email that you provided is incorrect.

If your payment has not been processed after a few days you may contact us here and one of our Customer Support staff can look into it for you.