If you are having trouble resetting your password, we can help you. 

First, make sure you visit our "Forgot Password" page to reset your password. In some cases, the message may have been sent to your junk/spam inbox so make sure to check for a message from us.

If you have still not received a password reset email, please reach out to our support team by letting them know the login email address associated with your account. You may be logging in with the incorrect email to your account. 


1) We can manually reset your password and email the new password to your account email. 

2) If you would like us to change your password to something that you choose, please submit a support ticket with the following information for verification: 

1. Date you signed up

2. All addresses, phone numbers, emails and/or paypal emails that you have used on your account and for rewards processing. 

3. All internet service providers that you have used. 

4. Please name all of the reward items that you have claimed

*Please note that your account information will be changed ONLY after all of this information is submitted and verified.