Survey providers are looking for specific individuals to take their survey and have a set of qualifications that must be met before they accept you for the survey. The qualifications required are decided on by the survey provider per survey and we do not have any control over this on our end. Disqualification can happen at any point in the survey but we always ask our survey partners to disqualify at the beginning to save user's time.

You may also be disqualified from a survey if you do not meet certain quality standards on their end. Please keep in mind, some industries and services may be disqualified from surveys. If you have taken a survey on a related topic recently, you may also be disqualified. 

Here are some easy steps you can take to reduce potential disqualification for surveys.

1. Always make sure to take your time on surveys. Speeding on a survey may cause you to be disqualified.
2. Be honest and keep your answers consistent throughout the survey. For example if your year of birth does not match your age or if the survey answers at the beginning does not match the answers you provide towards at the end.
3. Make sure to leave relevant and well thought out open-ended answers.

If this is occurring for you quite frequently, we would suggest you focus on surveys that have any demographic questions towards the beginning of the survey. It is possible that the survey provider reached the max quota they can accept which is causing them to disqualify you at the end of the survey.

The good news is survey inventory is always changing and being added everyday. You may try Your Surveys, Tap Research, and also MarketCube which have been crediting well for other users.